About Global Registry

The Global Lean Six Sigma Registry (GLSSR) was started in 2004 with the mission to satisfy a pervasive industry need for an archive of Lean Six Sigma practitioners and to validate that certificate holders held a level of understanding that was commensurate with the level of Belt certification they were claiming. The GLSSR has more 675,000 members and is the largest Lean Six Sigma Certification Registry in the world.

Significant Updates

The GLSSR Board made significant updates to the Registry in 2020 by creating four levels of Membership:

Learner Level

Where members receive the GLSSR Newsletter and are kept up to date on Lean Six Sigma activities.

Declared Level

Where Belt Certificate holders can create a digital archive of their Lean Six Sigma Belt Certificates distribute a “share code” which allows them to share their profile with current and potential employers, and others whom they wish to share their information.

Authorized Level

Where Belt Holders can validate and update their understanding of the Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge through examination and updated Lean Six Sigma Philosophy training.

Practitioner Level

Where Belt Holders can archive their experience by providing an executive summary of their projects and complete a questionnaire which will score their project using the GLSSR proprietary scoring system.

GLSSR Board Members serve a three-year term that may be renewed. Board Members remain anonymous during the time they are actively serving on the board.