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Do you already hold one or more Lean Six Sigma Certifications? If so, declare your certifications on the Global Lean Six Sigma Registry.

What do you need in order to Declare?

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  • A place to register and store all your Lean Six Sigma certifications
  • A special code that will allow you to share access of your certifications with your current employer or a prospective employer
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Prove your Lean Six Sigma training is World Class!

What’s In it for You:
  • Authorized Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (ALSSMBB)
  • Authorized Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ALSSBB)
  • Authorized Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (ALSSGB)
  • Authorized Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (ALSSYB)
  • Authorized Lean Six Sigma White Belt (ALSSWB)
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Training & Certification Services

In the world of Lean Six Sigma, some training and certification services have significantly reduced the number of training hours and content in their programs in order to offer a “low cost" or "quick turn” certification option. The Authorized Level of The Global Lean Six Registry provides you the opportunity to prove that your training World Class.

The first three exams are merely a refresher for the seasoned Lean Six Sigma professional, proving their mastery of the critical Lean Six Sigma topics and skills for their given belt level.

Upon successful completion of these first three exams, candidates will then be provided seven (7) hours of training on Lean Six Sigma philosophy. This training was developed and is taught posthumously by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the Co-creator and Chief Architect of Six Sigma. The last exam covers the key concepts of Dr. Harry’s philosophy covered in this training.

Candidates who pass all four exams become an Authorized Lean Six Sigma Belt Holder.

What’s In It For You:

Listed as an Authorized Belt Holder in The Global Lean Six Sigma Registry

Issued a certificate acknowledging them as an Authorized Belt Holder by the Global Lean Six Sigma Registry.

Authorized to use The Global Lean Six Sigma Registry Authorized Belt Holder Badge

Objectively prove your Lean Six Sigma knowledge is world class


At the Practitioner Level candidates submit an Executive Summary of their Lean Six Sigma projects and complete a questionnaire relative to each project submitted. Practitioners can submit as many projects as they want.

Projects are scored using The Global Lean Six Sigma Registry proprietary scoring system. This system levels the playing field, allowing diverse qualitative content to be objectively evaluated and rated.

It should be noted that this is self-reported information. As such The Global Lean Six Sigma Registry (GLSSR) cannot validate projects. Historically, project experience was validated at the Company Level with every company having their own certification criteria. While your project experience is self-reported it is objectively analyzed by the GLSSR scoring system.

What’s In it for You:
  • Show off your Lean Six Sigma Project experience
  • Store your projects in one place
  • Share your project experience with potential employers and others
  • Have your projects objectively scored
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