Sponsorship Opportunities

Becoming a sponsor of Global Lean Six Sigma Registry (GLSSR) is the most effective solution to sharing your brand’s value to a highly engaged audience of senior process excellence and business transformation practitioners who are looking for new solutions.

  • Showcase your competitive advantage to the largest and most engaged audience in the process improvement space.
  • Benchmark your product and service offerings to get an international competitive edge.
  • Directly reach your targeted market while building a positive brand to the influencers in business.

Exciting Updates for 2021

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In addition to major development updates planned for Global Lean Six Sigma Registry (GLSSR) in 2021 such as the Authorized and Practitioner Levels, Company page profiles, Certification Verification and Lookup, we will also be developing:

  • Visual Badges: User, Team, and company achievements and awards.
  • Lean Six Sigma Store: An expanded marketplace where sponsors and partners can include products and services for members to directly purchase.
  • Lean Six Sigma Manifesto that will establish the core values and principles in the process improvement space.
  • Resource hub that will allow videos, books, podcasts, research, presentations, blogs, and related content to be hosted and featured.
  • Global Calendar of Events, Training, Webinars, Interviews, Product Launches, and Networking opportunism.
  • Jobs and candidate searches to bring together the best resources to support the immediate demand of companies.

Who is the Global Lean Six Sigma Registry Audience?

We are in every Industry, in every business size, and in every country. We are taught in almost every University, and Business both Commercial and Government. We improve processes in Operations, Manufacturing, R&D, HR, Healthcare, IT, Retail, Finance, Oil & Gas, etc…

We fall under Operational Excellence, Process Improvement, Business Transformation, Intelligent Automation, Process Re-engineering, Business Process Management, Theory of Constraints, TRIZ, and Lean Six Sigma.

We are the change agents that lead projects, execute strategy, and deliver breakthrough business results.


  • Executive Leadership
  • Business Sponsors
  • Deployment Champions
  • Lean Practitioner
  • Lean Sigma Belts
  • Kaizen Leaders
  • Business Process Management
  • Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Agile Developers
  • Change Managers
  • Management Consultants

Build credibility, develop trust, and position yourself as a key influencer through our various opportunities.