Lean Six Sigma Coaching

Welcome to the Lean Six Sigma Coaching page where you will find Coaches ready to assist you in a variety of areas like Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management, Strategy Deployment and others. Review the Coaches and reach out to them as you need. If you would like to be listed on this page, please reach out and let us know by contacting the Global Lean Six Sigma Registry at [email protected].

Featured Coach

Cathy Lawson – The Great Discovery
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Lean Six Sigma Coaches

Richard Borden
Sigma Affiliates, Ltd
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Sadique Salim
SSMI Bangladesh
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Jeff Heslop
Value Creation Institute LLC
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Wade Harper
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Nguyen Thanh Hai
SSMI Vietnam
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Mike Connell
MICOMA Enterprises
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Ali Jasat
SSMI Africa
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Srinath Samaranayake
SSMI Canada
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Jim Mikuliski
EntEx Solutions LLC
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